Swine Flu!

The emergence of Swine Flu in the United States has cause quite a bit of panic. However, there are things we can do to limit the spread of the illness in the work place. Here are some good tips:

1 – Practice “social distancing”. This basically means to minimize face to face contact. Instead, use e-mail, Web sites, teleconferencing and telecommuting as much as possible.

2- Stockpile soap, tissue, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. It is also recommended to have N-95 masks and latex gloves.

3 – Wash hands frequently and avoid touching your nose, mouths and eyes.

4 – Periodically sanitize your work area with the stockpiled supplies. This includes desks, phones, computer equipment, door handles, microwave/refrigerator handles, etc.

5 – Avoid using other employees phones, desks, etc.

6 – Most importantly, if you feel sick, Stay Home!