LinkedIn—the most overlooked B2B prospecting tool?

At Fluid Studio, we have been helping many people understand how important LinkedIn is to sales and effective prospecting.

It also makes sense to join groups and answer questions on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of the groups to network and participate in the arenas that make sense in your business vertical.

LinkedIn is by no means the “silver bullet” in nurturing a prospect, but according to a “B-to-B Sales Pulse Survey” from OneSource, the use of LinkedIn has increased significantly for sales purposes.

Nearly 50% of survey respondents said they were using LinkedIn more than they had the prior year (see chart below).

Hubspot, in a January 2010 data report, recvealed that 45% of North American B-to-B companies used LinkedIn for marketing and have acquired customers through the site.

Change* in Use of Select Social Networking Sites for  Prospecting/Research According to US B2B Sales Professionals, January  2010 (% of respondents)

How do you use LinkedIn? Is it effective for your needs? Please leave comments below.