Google Boost–SEO killer?

Google has a new online model – Google Boost.

Google Boost allows small businesses to connect with potential customers via Google Adwords.

The program is still in beta, and is currently available to certain local businesses in San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago.

What does Google Boost do?

It allows local businesses to create online search ads right from their Google Places account.

The advantage for small business?

Once the ad is created, no ongoing management is needed (Google Boost is unlike Adwords, where ongoing management is important).

Once a company provides basic information and a monthly budget, Google automatically sets up the ad campaign. It determines the relevant keywords that will trigger the ad to appear when potential customers search on Google and Google Maps. The account set up with Google is debited – just like with Adwords – only when people click on the ad (cost per click) – and not merely when the ad is shown (cost per impression).

What will Google Boost do to traditional SEO efforts (and those that make their living in the SEO sandbox)? Will it be widely adoped? Give us your thoughts below.