With the Google Analytics URL Builder, you can easily tag URLs with custom campaign variables. That way, you can track which of your promotions are generating the most traffic/conversions. For example, consider setting up a unique URL for each status update or wall post you use when promoting a link on Facebook.

Behold, your glorious URL

What is the Google Analytics URL builder?

The Google Analytics URL builder is a simple tool to help add analytics tags to the end of your destination URL without needing to know how to write a query URL.

Google Analytics uses “tags” called UTM parameters that can be added to a URL to push additional data points into GA that are not otherwise included in the Google Analytics dashboard. These tags are used by marketers to organize campaigns and distinguish which ad units are working best. Some of the most common tags are campaign, medium, source, term, and content.

All marketers should be using this tool!

Where do I find campaigns in google analytics?

It’s easy! Simply log-in to your Google Analytics account and go to the reporting tab. On the left hand navigation select Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns. If you have used UTM parameters correctly your campaigns will appear and you can begin to dive down into all the different metrics associated with each campaign. Add secondary dimensions to gain greater visibility in one easy to view report.