Elvis Sighting @ Fluid Studio!

Elvis Fluid Studio Utah

OK, ok…

Elvis t-shirts sighted at Fluid.
And now is your chance to get one for FREE!

All you have to do is read our blog and comment on one or more of the posts. For every 25 unique comments we get, we will randomly choose one of the people who commented to get a free shirt!

What could be easier?

Check out our posts, make a comment, and VOILA! You could be sporting a new t-shirt to complement your rhinestone pants and lengthening sideburns!

**Fine Print: Winners will receive a random t-shirt design and size (most are L or XL) at the sole discretion of Fluid Studio. Fluid Studio plans to run this promotion or a variant of this promotion for multiple months, but reserves the right to terminate it at any time and for any reason.