How to Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Creative


We’ve all had a time or two where we felt there wasn’t an ounce of creativity left in our brain. The abundant fountain of ideas you once had in you has long been dry and you feel defeated and lost. It’s OK and natural to feel that way. The challenge now is knowing how to get out of the miserably uncreative swamp. I listed below some of the things I do when I feel uncreative.

1.Get up and do something else.

Sometimes, staring at your computer screen doesn’t help your creativity at all. It’s always good to get up, get your mind off the project a little bit and then come back.

2.  Listen to different kinds of music.

Inspirations come in different forms. If you tend to listen to the same kind of music usually, it can be a good change to branch out your Spotify playlists.

3.  Eat.

Nothing gets done when you are hungry… at least not for me. I’ve found that eating something helps me feel refreshed and able to get my mind off the project too.

4.  Write things down or draw on paper by hand.

If you are someone who mostly works at a computer, this really helps. There is something about writing and drawing by hand that makes your brain more flexible and think outside of the box. I feel like whenever I do this, I have a better flow of creativity and ideas.

5.  Watch your favorite comedy show.

This really helps me get out of my own mind when I’m trying too hard to be creative. I usually watch The Office because Michael Scott never fails to make me laugh.

I hope these little tips work for you and your creativity.