Communication needs rarely involve just one medium

“Traditional communication design and the digital revolution will certainly blend and integrate, as clients’ communications needs rarely involve just one medium.”
—Katherine McCoy, February 2002

Traditional Digital Marketing Advertising Utah
Wow! Ms. McCoy was very accurate (and given the date she made this assertion, very visionary as well).
At Fluid Studio, we wholly subscribe to this thought process. Communication, to be truly effective, must cross traditional marketing bounds and bleed into digital realms as well. With the advent of social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), you cannot ignore these mediums and still reach your target demographic. The way things have been done cannot be the way they continue to be done.
We love online because it helps substantiate ROI on marketing and advertising spends. Rarely can you find a medium so flexible and accountable; you cannot discount the numbers on the back end; the analytics will help you hone and refine your messaging to ensure your marketing dollar is well spent.
At Fluid, we look at marketing as a funnel. Try 4-5 different mediums and approaches. Then measure each approach. Continue with the best 2-3 based on results, and axe the underperforming mediums. Then add some new mediums in with the ones that performed well, and remeasure once again. Kepp the good and axe the bad.
If you do this, you are guaranteed a good return on your investment.