Is Facebook Competing With Google?

According to comScore, Facebook hit a new record high in traffic for the month of June.  Facebook had more than 141 million unique visitors in the U.S. for the month of June, which put its unique visitor numbers next to that of Google, the leader in unique site visits.  Google is currently the most visited website in the U.S. right now and has pulled in a total of 179 million unique visitors across its sites in the month of May.  

Facebook, on the other hand, is currently a leader with its social networking competitors for total unique visitors, and it is still soaring past the competition.  Last year in the month of June, Facebook accounted for 77 million unique U.S. visitors, so their numbers from this year are nearly double the numbers from last year.

What does this mean for social media? With Facebook growing so quickly, it opens up the opportunity to use it as a marketing and advertising platform for many companies.  With so many unique site visits and return visits, this allows companies to have the opportunity to advertise and reach a larger and more specific audience.  So using Facebook as an avenue for marketing and advertising may be something to consider.

Do you know of any other sites that rank as high as Google and Facebook?