3 cool features of the new iPhone 4

By now, word has reached most people that the new iPhone 4 has been released.

It has some cool new features:

Video calling
The new iPhone has a front-facing camera and will be able to make video calls via WiFi through a service called FaceTime. Because of WiFi, these calls are free and won’t count against AT&T’s monthly data plans.

Video capture
The new iPhone will shoot in HD (or pretty close to it) and has the promise of video editing capability with the coming iMovie app.

More battery power
Battery life is up to seven hours of talk from five on the old phone, which runs on an A4 chip (the same as iPad).

So, what is you had Steve Jobs over to lunch to talk about additional features of the new iPhone? What would you serve? Once creative guy below shows us what he would do . . .